Patent licensee companies

There are three patent licensee companies and numerous companies enjoying the license to use the Cuomo method. Alessandro Cuomo is a specialized consultant for important companies in the international food scene.

Patent licensee companies

Arredo Inox®

ARREDO INOX® S.r.l. currently holds the license for the production of 5 patents and 12 trademarks owned by Alessandro Cuomo Brevetti Milan. Within the company, an industrial plant of about 10,000 square meters, 87 patented models are produced. These are then distributed in as many as 92 different locations in Italy, through a nationwide sales network. These innovative equipment cross national borders and are available on all continents.


Caby srl is the company that markets the Primeat® range of refrigeration systems for meat storage.The range of Primeat® products comes from a rib of the patented Stagionello® and Maturmeat® implants and has a specific patented control specifically designed by Dr. Alessandro Cuomo.

Stagionello® Service

Stagionello® Service is the only authorized company with a management system for on-site and remote monitoring and assistance services, via the web platform, and hardware and software maintenance, and patented microclimatization systems and cabinets.

Method licensee companies

Great Organized Distribution, Organized Distribution and producers of the food sector worldwide, have chosen Dr. Alessandro Cuomo as a consultant and expert for the maturation processing and maturing of meat and the cure of fish with its patented method.

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