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Alessandro Cuomo guarantees the stability and safety of food such as meat, fish, cheese and agri-food products in general, carrying out research projects based on specific topics, providing direct assistance to companies through an analysis and consulting service and preparing training courses for technicians of the food industry.

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and patents

Since 2009 there are 20 patents and international brands that Alessandro Cuomo has invented and registered in order to produce machinery for food processing as per tradition but in total safety.

Patent licensee

There are three patent licensee companies and numerous companies enjoying the license to use the Cuomo method. Alessandro Cuomo is a specialized consultant for important companies in the international food scene, such as Eataly (worldwide locations), F.IC.O. Eataly World, Metro, Carrefour, Auchan, Iper the Big I, Sogegross Group, Multicedi Group, Whole Foods, Tines, City'Super, Yuhor.

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Teaching and Consulting

In his role as Expert of Agro-Alimentary Quality and Safety International Systems, BRC - ISF - K.H.C. - ISO 9001-22000, Alessandro Cuomo acts as a consultant for some of the biggest actors on the International Agro-alimentary scene and intervenes as a teacher for training Institutes, professionals and public authorities who wish to get specialized on his method.

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